a voyage across brazil

by foot, paddle and pedal


***News update October 2014: Brazil 9000 reaches the state of Maranhão. See Ghost on the 316 for the latest post***


We (Aaron Chervenak & Gareth Jones) are crossing Brazil from north to south on a ‘human-powered’ journey of over 9000km (5500 miles).

The voyage started in the jungle region of Monte Caburaí in the remote Amazon where Brazil borders Venezuela and Guyana. It will end at Chuí on the border with Uruguay.

After travelling through the Amazon basin by canoe, we will hike and cycle out across the scorched Caatinga hinterlands and on down thousands of miles of tropical coastline.

Brazil 9000 will present an unprecedented portrait of Brazil and the Brazilians; visiting indigenous territories, deforested ranch lands, industrial ports, deserted beaches, fishing villages, pristine jungle and huge metropolises.


Until recently the coastal town of Oiapoque was wrongly seen as marking Brazil’s most northerly point. It took until 1995 for a Brazilian military expedition in the remote Amazonian state of Roraíma to officially confirm that the nation’s true north lay hidden in the mountainous jungle on the border with Guyana at the foot of Monte Caburaí. School text books are slowly being updated. Caburaí may be only 100km more northerly than Oiapoque, but it sent the expedition’s start point back over 2500km into the Amazon basin.

The expedition began in September 2012 on foot and by packraft from the  source of the Mau river at Caburaí and then continued by Ally canoe downstream on to the Rio Branco and Rio Negro and the main body of the Amazon river, reaching Belém at the mouth of the river in December 2013.

After an extended stay filming in Belém and travelling on several side projects, the project then continued on foot, crossing into the state of Maranhão in August 2014. Slowly it will continue south, documenting stories and landscapes along the way.


Brazil 9000 Expedition

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